About Us

We are on a mission to provide more margin at the dinner table by empowering Meal Subscriptions for local restaurants & chefs.

We partner with trusted, local kitchens (restaurants, caterers, etc) to help curate meals that are ideal for them to cook, refrigerate, deliver and then be reheated in the convenience of your home.

In exchange, we want to help you save time by conveniently giving you access to a variety of meals to choose from, to be delivered straight to your door. Instead of thinking through meals days in advance, then heading to the grocery store, shopping, cleaning and preparing food, cooking, serving and then cleaning up after all that work, we want you to simply heat up the food and serve. Voila! Everyone is fed and happy and you just added another hour to your life.

Our founders have been working together for years with expertise in getting things done. From logistics, technology and restaurant backgrounds, our team has come together to change the way eat and enjoy friends and family at the dinner table.